Elephant Rights

14. March 2022

Without wanting to diminish the good intentions of the lawyers trying to have some animals recognized as legal persons, this objective, if ever granted, would be a catastrophe for elephants. Here is why:

It appears that almost all animals are living by natural rules  best suited for their particular species’.   Mother nature has over million of years developed a complex system for the various animal societies to live in harmony with nature and in relative peace between the members within each society.

Only the modern human animal has considered itself being far too intelligent to respect this delicate natural balance, by inventing spiritual and commercial justification for exploiting all other animals solely for its own benefit.

This approach necessitated the setting-up of complicated legal and control systems in an attempt to maintain a semblance of peace between the warring interests for the different members of humanity. Looking at human history  there is abundant evidence to conclude that the attempts to regulate societies to live in harmony with each other has not been very successful. Humans might know the advantages of being happy and healthy, but too many other goals, mostly in the name of individualism tend to get in the way, making us sick, greedy, unhappy and efficient killers of our own kind, without even mentioning the killing for fun and greed of other animals.

Baby African elephant under the protection of the adults in the herd. Photo credit: John Michael Vosloo / shutterstock

The natural socializing of elephants on the other hand, is far superior to our own. Being together with other elephants, loving -, respecting -, caring – and protecting each other, thus living in a happy community, is the very reason-for-being of wild elephant society.

To force this idyllic society to adopt the flawed legal system of the human animal will not protect the “captive- or wild elephant person”,  but would subject it to countless legal actions while the suffering caused by human exploitation would continue.

Those humans recognizing that captivity for elephants is inherently cruel, should do everything in their power to end such captivity and to support elephants’ survival in the wild. And maybe, just maybe, during this process we might learn a thing or two to improve ou own flawed socializing.