European Elephant Sanctuary

4. November 2021

Elephant Haven, the first true elephant sanctuary in Europe, has welcomed its first retiree on October 14, 2021.

The sanctuary is not open to the general public, but has been planned and constructed solely for the benefit and well-being of its proboscidean guests. The final objective of sanctuaries is to eliminate their very existence when there are no more captives to retire, thereby also refusing to breed more captive elephants. However the sanctuary will actively participate in international conservation efforts of the species in the wild. Even though elephants in sanctuaries are still in captivity, such retirement would appear to be the best option for elephants that cannot be re-introduced into their original habitat.

For Gandhi, Elephant Haven is a first giant step towards re-discovering part of her elephant nature, soon to be enriched by the company of other elephants within the natural environment of the sanctuary.

It is hoped by the founders of Elephant Haven and the many organizations and individuals having ensured the feasibility of this project, that the example of Elephant Haven will result in additional sanctuaries throughout Europe.